• St. Francis' Career Development Series

    Saint Francis University is offering high school students a Career Development Series that gives the high school student the opportunity to take online classes through Saint Francis University while still enrolled in high school. 


    These courses will run for 16 weeks during the fall 2020 semester: 

    ACCT 101 Financial Accounting

    HLSC 113 Introduction to Health, Wellness and Disability

    CPSC 101 Introduction to Computer Science


    These courses will run for 16 weeks during the spring 2021 semester:

    MKTG 101 Introduction to Marketing

    PUBH 101 Introduction to Public Health

    ENGR 113 Introduction to Engineering at STEM. 

    These courses are designed to give students an opportunity to explore different career paths or to explore a career path that they have already chosen.


    These Career Development Series courses are offered at a rate different from the College in High School rate of $58 per credit, as they are being taught by a Saint Francis University Professor in an online learning environment through the Canvas platform.  The cost for these courses is $200 per credit for a total of $600 per course.

    Over the past semester, we have made significant changes to our application and registration process for the College in High School programs, including the Career Development Series courses.  Students will now only be required to complete the online application, make payment which can be made at the time of application and our office will then process their course registrations.  We’re trying to make this process as easy as possible for both students and parents.

    Provided is an updated College in High School brochure with information on the Career Development Series, along with a Help Sheet outlining the 4 step process to apply.

    Any student who is interested in taking one of the new Career Development Series courses should apply for that as soon as possible so a student account can be created and be ready to start the course when our fall semester begins, which is slated as August 24, 2020. 

    Link to the application - https://francis.tfaforms.net/217762


    Questions or concerns, please contact:

    Lois Quist, Faculty Coordinator

    Francis Worldwide 

    Saint Francis University

    (814) 471-1102