It is a group of students that participate in the Washington County Envirothon Competition.  Several Washington County high schools participate.  California has two, 5-member teams and four alternates which participate in the competition.  This is a very student-centered club where members study independently and with their teams as necessary for the competition in late April.  There may be an occasion or two where we will stay after school to listen to instructors teach us about these concepts.  There is also a practice session that is sponsored by the Envirothon Committee in late March.  Students must be able to miss two days of school for these field trips.  

    There are five areas of concentration:  Aquatics, Current Issues, Forestry, Soils and Wildlife.  

    Some areas of study under Aquatics include:  Endangered/Threatened Species with examples, Metamorphosis, Agricultural Runoff Affects, Oxygen Levels, Acid Mine Drainage, Major Watersheds, Macroinvertebrates

    Some areas of study under Current Issues include: We get a new DVD each year with this information.

    Some areas of study under Forestry include: Measuring Tree Diameter, Measuring Tree Height, Measuring Tree Volume, Layers of a Forest, Forest Biodiversity, Forest Classification, Invasive Plant Species

    Some areas of study under Soils include:  Soil Formation, Erosion, Soil Layers, Soil Texture, Soil Composition, Soil Characteristics 

    Some areas of study under Wildlife include: Animal Tracks, Animal Pelts (fur), Animals and the Habitats they are found in, Animal Skulls



    If in the event there are more people interested than we have available spots, we will have a “test-off” on the above topics.  The highest scores will be awarded the available seats.  A study guide will be provided at a later time.  



    Pennsylvania Envirothon Mission 

    The Envirothon is an environmental education program made available to Pennsylvania Conservation Districts in partnership with related state and federal agencies and other organizations. The Envirothon program is designed to test high school students’ knowledge of Pennsylvania’s natural resources and environmental sciences. The program emphasizes the importance of environmental sensitivity while stressing a need to achieve a social, ecological, and economic balance. The Pennsylvania Envirothon provides future generations with the ability to be better equipped to address the complex natural resource concerns facing today’s world as well as the challenges of tomorrow.

    Make sure you practice before you compete. Go to http://www.envirothonpa.org/ and under Station Training pick what topic you are studying and you can look at what will be on this years test. Good luck!