• The Scheduling Process

    The guidance counselor will help students pre-register for classes when she visits the classroom during the second semester of the school year. Students are encouraged to discuss their course selections with the guidance counselor and/or instructors before making final decisions. Pre-schedule recommendations will be sent home to the parent/guardian for review and approval. Whether planning to pursue a college degree, attend a trade/technical school, join the military, or go directly into the work force, students should check with the school counselor to determine the best courses to take to facilitate future plans. For specific questions regarding the scheduling process, please call the high school. 


    Changes of Schedule

    Parents will have an opportunity to review their child’s tentative schedule once it is completed.  A deadline for schedule changes will be announced.  After the deadline has passed, changes will be granted in cases where a child needs a course to graduate.  It is strongly recommended that parents review their child’s tentative schedule closely and react within the deadline if they have concerns.  Students have two weeks after the beginning of the school year to make schedule changes. The provision may be waived by the Principal due to extenuating circumstances.


    Graduation Requirements for High School Students

    To graduate from California Area High School, a student must accumulate at least 26 credits over his/her high school career. It is the student’s responsibility to enroll in the courses necessary for graduation. A listing of the required courses follows:


    English 4 credits

    Math 3 credits

    Science 3 credits

    Social Science 3 credits

    Health ½ credit

    Family & Consumer Science ½ credit

    Physical Education 2 credits

    Electives 10 credits

    26 (total)


    Students who pass all classes will graduate with 28 credits (7 credits per year x 4 years). 


    Credit Requirement for Promotion

    The following listing denotes the minimum credits that must be attained to gain academic promotion to the next grade level at the high school. It is school practice to move students each year into the next grade level for homeroom purposes. This procedure does not reflect the academic standing of the student.  Students are retained when they cannot obtain the credit needed to graduate with their class.

    9th to 10th   .......... 6.5 credits

    10th to 11th .......... 13 credits

    11th to 12th .......... 19.5 credits

    Graduation  .......... 26 credits


     *Information from CAHS Course Description Booklet.  See Booklet for additional information. 

Last Modified on June 25, 2019