• The Challenge Program
    The Challenge Program, Inc. offers cash incentives to sophomores, juniors and seniors who excel in the categories of: Academic Improvement, Attendance, Community Service and Academic Excellence.
    The mission of The Challenge Program, Inc. is to motivate students by providing incentives for successes they achieve while in school. The program rewards students with a "bonus" for superior performance in the categories listed above. The program also partners local businesses with schools so students can learn about career opportunities available to them in their own communities.
    The Challenge Program, Inc. has provided financial incentives to California High School students for several years now with the help of gracious donors. For the past few years, Progeny Corporation has been the proud sponsor of the program for California High School. The Challenge Program wishes to extend the greatest thanks to the Progeny Corporation for their support and committement to California High School.
    For more information about The Challenge Program, Inc., visit our website at www.tcpinc.org or contact the Guidance Counselor.

Last Modified on June 7, 2019