• Windows 7
    Getting Started
    Windows 7 is the newest operating system from Microsoft. Windows 7 has many of the same features as Windows XP; however, many have been improved and new things have been added. We encourage all users to watch this video because it will help you learn all the tricks and tips allowing you to master your computer. This video is five minutes but it may save you hours of frustration.
    Start Menu
    Windows 7 has improved the look and performance of the start menu. This small article shows you the new features and tools.
    Internet Explorer 9
    Internet Explorer 9 is the newest and fastest internet browser to date. The makers of Internet Explorer 9 have gone with a sleek design with minimal buttons and toolbars. Please watch this video if you have questions about the new design and to find out about new features.
    Libraries and New Search Features
    Libraries are a new feature to Windows 7. They are designed to make it easier to find data of one particular kind. The Search function has also been improved to allow for instant searching. To find out more about these improvements please watch this video:
    Note: To clarify, if you save a document to the Documents Library, the file saves in your My Documents because it is the default location. The same follows for pictures, music, videos, etc...
Last Modified on June 18, 2011