• Gifted Education
    Children who are identified as gifted require instruction and support that is matched to their unique abilities and needs. Specially designed instruction for the gifted can take various forms both within and outside of the regular classroom. Through collaboration between the school, the parents and the child, we strive to develop instruction that will challenge all learners at an appropriate level.
    Goals of Gifted Ed.
    • To enhance regular classroom instruction through the differentiation of lesson content, processes and products
    • To provide exceptional students with the opportunity to work with similar-ability peers in a small-group setting
    • To provide the opportunity for academic competition
    • To support the classroom teacher with strategies, materials, and resources for differentiation
    • To further develop logical and critical thinking skills, effective communication, and collaboration among gifted students
    • To encourage transfer and application of knowledge to real and meaningful situations or problems
Last Modified on October 31, 2016