• MEAL PRICING 2019-20 SCHOOL YEAR        lunch tray
    Prices for the 2019-2020 school year are as follows:
    Full Paid - $1.50
    Reduced - $0.30
    Full Paid - $2.50
    Reduced - $0.40
    Snacks/Extras may be purchased at an additional cost.
    Parents & Guardians - Lunch Account Deposit Tips!   cash
    How do I make a deposit on my child's Lunch Account?
       Its Easy, Here are some friendly tips and information for you...
    1.Checks are the best form of payment to make 
    • They are easier to track if lost!
    • Checks make it easier for cafeteria employees to enter deposits effectively into the child(ren)'s accounts.
    • Payment can only be used for cafeteria account - no worries of cash used for other needs.
    • Who do I write my check out to? Listed below are the items needed for a smooth transaction from Home to Cafeteria Account
    1. Check's Payable to: CASD Cafeteria Fund 
    2. Please print Students name in the Notes section - bottom left of the check
    3. Add Student's Lunch ID to Notes section with printed name  - This will be very helpful for employees
    4.  Place check in a sealed envelope with Student's Name, Grade and Homeroom. - This way if the envelope gets lost it can be returned to the student.
    •  Cash is also accepted and please place cash in a completed envelope as stated above. Parents/Guardians please note that cash can be lost or stolen and it can not be tracked like a check.  If you would like to Mail a cash payment you may do so as well.  Please mail payment with the Students information - Name, Lunch ID Grade and Homeroom.  
    You can mail payment to:
    Cafeteria Office
    Attn: Matt Triffanoff, FSD
    11 Trojan Way 
    Coal Center  PA 15423
    Your payment will go directly to the Cafeteria Office of the Food Service Director and your deposit will be entered in your child's account.
    Please mail payment in enough time to cover accumulated charges.  
    Credit Card Deposits - Online - Schoolcafe.com
    Parents / Guardians can download the Schoolcafe App on Iphone or Android - Just follow the directions to start an account for your child today!
    YOu can also access an account online at SchoolCafe.com
    Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Matt Triffanoff, Food Service Director 724 785 5800 ext 1207 or triffanoffm@calsd.org
Last Modified on August 13, 2019