Art Show

2015-16 Fine Arts Exhibit Winners (K-8)

  • Best of Show Winners

    Elementary: Jackson Lowden

    Middle School: Aiden Gillespie

    High School: Hunter Perok



    1st Place: Isaac Ritenour

    2nd Place: Lona Janelle Biedrycki

    3rd Place: Evan Balazick

    4th Place: Avery Filby/Peyton Jericho (Tied)

    5th Place: Shawn Dawson

    Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Kent

    Honorable Mention: Easton Daniels

    Honorable Mention: Brayden Crockett


    First Grade

    1st Place: Gavin Jae

    2nd Place: Angelina Eperjesi

    3rd Place: Presleigh Jobes

    4th Place: Maicee Smith

    5th Place: Holden Kelly/Savanna Huschak (Tied)

    Honorable Mention: Quinn Barbero

    Honorable Mention: Weston Monticelli

    Honorable Mention: Lilly Horan


    Second Grade

    1st Place: Madyson Morton

    2nd Place: Shaylee Duvall

    3rd Place: Austin Zemba

    5th Place: Della Mitchell/Morgan Ross (Tied)

    Honorable Mention: Jessica Martin

    Honorable Mention: Benjamin Seifried

    Honorable Mention: James Crow


    Third Grade

    1st Place: Sophia Sholock

    2nd Place: Gavin Pendo

    3rd Place: Morgan Ziglar

    4th Place: Hailee Brown

    5th Place: Alexis Kistler

    Honorable Mention: Adam Augustine

    Honorable Mention: Jacob Ziolecki

    Honorable Mention: Dominnic Fuller


    Fourth Grade

    1st Place: Rakiyah Porter

    2nd Place: Delayna Easoz

    3rd Place: Katerina Dickey

    4th Place: Cole Goodwin

    5th Place: Rhyan Smith

    Honorable Mention: McKenna Fowler

    Honorable Mention: Alexandra Ross


    Fifth Grade

    1st Place: Tylie Perok

    2nd Place: Ava Fetty

    3rd Place: Mia Vavases

    4th Place: Dominic Martini

    5th Place: Cameron Scrip

    Honorable Mention: Jadon Ruby

    Honorable Mention: Samantha Smichnick


    Sixth Grade

    1st Place: Kolby Kent

    2nd Place: Arabella Kolditz

    3rd Place: Alayna Britt

    4th Place: Ariana Gudel

    Honorable Mention: Marcus Fowler

    Honorable Mention: Kelly Kistler


    7th Grade

    1st Place: Aiden Gillespie

    2nd Place: Caleb Ruby

    3rd Place: Raquel Rhoads

    4th Place: Elaina Nicholson


    8th Grade

    1st Place: Lucas Qualk

    2nd Place: Kenny Ford


    First, second, and third place winners will receive medals.  All other winners will receive ribbons and certificates.  "Best of Show" winners will receive trophies and ribbons.  We had a great turnout...over 300 in addendance! :)